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This photo may look like a “guy cleaning glass with a long pole”, and you may just be wondering how effective that could be. We are in the window cleaning business, and we wondered too. The answer is: extremely effective… but it is also safe and eco-friendly because it uses no chemicals and no soaps. The secret is de-ionized water, which is pumped from our trailer-based processing and storage facility brought right to your site. This is state-of-the art and very expensive gear, but we have made this investment because it allows us to provide the highest possible level of service while reducing our time on site, lowering the risk of damage to landscaping, and increasing safety consideration for both workers and residents alike. The results are superb, affordable, ecologically friendly and best of all - provide the least disruption to the residents of your building.

Clean windows can provide a whole new perspective.

SkyView also offers a broad range of traditional cleaning options. With SkyView, you can expect a full range of services, all provided for one price on one contract. While have solutions for jobs best served by ladders and scaffolding, on any building type our investment in the Water-Fed-Pole technology allows us to tackle jobs that are difficult for the more traditional approach. Our trained professionals will inspect caulking, clean and inspect grill vents, and repair or inspect and report on the status of eaves troughs, trim and other external items that may require periodic maintenance. Call for a quote or information! Give us a call, or drop us an email. We’ll provide you with a full evaluation of your needs without any obligation, and you will receive a binding written quotation from our staff that will outline precisely how we will complete the work to your highest possible standards.

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Robert Burek, General Manager

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